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Jun 2

Put your iTunes on shuffle and see the soundtrack to your life

  • Opening credits: Nobodyknows+ - Hero's Come Back
  • Waking up: Doctor Horrible's Sing-A-Long Blog - Laundry Day
  • Falling in love: Home Made Kazoku - Thank you!!
  • Fight song: Aperture Science Psychoacoustics Laboratory - Adrenal Vapor (This is a strange fight equence)
  • Breaking up: Plastic Tree - Romu (this works, surprisingly)
  • Getting back together: Mike Tarantino - Wienermobile Girl (yes, yes perfect)
  • Wedding: ASPL - 15 Acres of Broken Glass (umm...)
  • Birth of child: Chatmonchy - Daidai (um... I guess this works?)
  • Final battle: Scandal - Shunkan Sentimental (Favorite FMA song - yes!)
  • Death scene: ASPL - Don't Do It (/cries)
  • Funeral song: Zelda 25th Symphony - Twilight Princess Symphonic Movement (Perfect - and can we just appreciate the fact that I will, definitely, be having video game music playing at my funeral?)
  • End credits: ASPL - Friendly Faith Plate (I have lived a full and complete life)