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Started writing a post that was basically going to end up with me saying “I really ship Natasha Romanova and James Barnes now,” but it got much longer than I expected.

So here’s Kenna, having just started reading the Black Widow comics, telling you that she’s totally shipping Natasha/James (is there a pairing name for this I can use? Also I’m still getting over my feels from Hawkeye & Mockingbird and I’m totally afraid my super spys’ relationship is going to be rocky and uncertain and noooo I just want my Marvel OTPs to be solid is that too much to ask Marvel I mean I’m only shipping the pairings you’re shipping to me the least you can do is make them stop breaking up).

(Also apparently Earth’s Mightiest Heroes got canceled and this makes me sad, but the synopses for next week say that the Winter Soldier should be reappearing, which means he’ll be fighting the team, which means he’ll be fighting Steve ahhhh I’m so excited!)