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Drabble-a-Day: Future

Fandom: Sherlock

Two days before the fall, John hastily signed his name onto a clipboard while trying to tell off his flatmate. It was a fruitless endeavor but he was going to try all the same. Two days after the fall, Sherlock watched from the shadows as John confessed to their landlady that he wasn’t, actually, all that mad.

A week after the fall, John took Mrs. Hudson out to lunch, and paid that month’s rent on the flat he was no longer using. Sherlock was still hiding out at Molly’s place, so he only discovered this because she’d happened to run into John on her lunch break, as he was on his way back to Harry’s. 

"He’s sort of broken," she mumbled that night over the stove, cooking her dinner. She was trying to learn to cook for two now, but Sherlock still rarely ever seemed to eat. He ignored her comment and continued scanning the computer screen, writing up a list of things he needed to make his diguises.

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Drabble-a-Day: Simple

Fandom: The Avengers

Clint and Natasha stumbled, broken, into their getaway transport jet, and Agent Coulson’s silence was just as intimidating as the reprimand that promised to follow. There were at least a half dozen broken ribs between the pair; Clint could tell by the way his partner limped that her leg had been broken, and Natasha was fairly certain the bullet grazing his arm had only barely missed a major artery. There was enough blood to top it off, not all of it their own.

"I’m taking full responsibility for this one," Clint said before Natasha could blame it on him anyways. He collapsed, exhausted, into one of the seats of the jet, and sitting there was just as painful as trying to walk had been.

"Of course you are," Natasha almost hissed, sitting opposite. "I had things covered on the ground and you had to spook them by using that stupid trick arrowhead. You shouldn’t be allowed to bring those on a mission if you’re just going to mess around." The archer gave a self-satisfied grin, and regretted it as soon as he saw the look Coulson gave them.

He chewed the assassins out during the entire flight back to the helicarrier, which seemed to take forever. Natasha said nothing, handing the jump drive with the intel over at the right moment and using the rest of her time to try to bandage herself up. Another catsuit was ruined, though thankfully most of the tears had been grazes, with no direct bullet holes.

Clint tried to defend himself, saying “de guh ha a guh” through a mouthful of gauze, but their handler wasn’t buying it. He sent the pair to the infirmary as soon as they landed, warning them that they had a debriefing the next morning and that they were almost definitely going on suspension.

"Great going, hotshot," Natasha said, punching Clint in the shoulder as soon as Coulson was out of earshot. They both winced from the hit. 

"What?" Clint protested. "That was a simple mission, easy peasy, we got the intel and we didn’t even have to drop anyone. You didn’t even crack you skull on this one."

"If you’re going to piss Coulson off, wait until it’s bad enough so we can get a full month leave. With this we’re lucky if we get two weeks at best."

"Probably not even that," Clint said with a frown, "with the way Stark’s been acting"

"Think it through next time."

Drabble-a-Day: Promise

Fandom: Doctor Who

Hannah felt like hitting him, but instead she hugged him. The Doctor hugged her back with what she assumed was his satisfied grin, and Hannah wanted to point out that he’d almost gotten her killed, but she bit her tongue; the death of his friends was probably a sore subject.

"I see you took care of things," Hannah said as she pulled away, trying to keep her voice steady.

"No more Terileptils," the Doctor said with another grin, "or at least not around here anymore. And I managed to get you and everyone else out safely, just as promised." He gestured to the crowd of assorted alien lifeforms newly freed from their extraterrestrial holding cells.

"I don’t know if that can exactly be considered fulfilling the promise," Hannah retorted, leading the way to the TARDIS nearby. She was surprised by how shaken up she still felt.

"What do you mean?" the Doctor asked, falling in step.

"I got vaporized," Hannah said, "and transported to an alien planet, and I led a multi-species prisoner rebellion, before getting sent out to this stupid rock to wait the death sentence. All while not knowing if I’d ever see Earth again."

"Well yeah… but you’re still alive, right?"

Hannah rolled her eyes. “Yeah, sure, I’ll give you that one.”

"So it’s all good then, you see! Fun day, right? Lots of adventures! Where should we go next?"

"Home," Hannah said with a sigh.

Drabble-a-Day: Letters

Fandom: Cabin Pressure

"Are you sure, Arthur?" Douglas asked from his seat in the flight deck, turned around so he could try to avoid the glare from the sun. The plane’s steward stood by the cabin door with an excited expression.

"Of course!" said Arthur, "It’ll be loads of fun! And by the time we finish the entire alphabet, we’ll probably be back home!"

"Let’s hope it doesn’t take that long," Martin muttered from the control panel. The pilot was already bored, and exhausted from a fitful attempt at sleep in the cheap Hong Kong hotel.

Douglas ignored him. “Alright then - A”

"Ooh, like my name! Apple! Animal! Anaconda!"

"What?" Martin turned his head in surprise.


"No," Douglas shook his head, and held up two fingers, "Two syllables."


"It’s the Greek letter," Martin prompted.


Martin looked slightly shocked, but Douglas grinned encouragingly. “Oh yes! Very good! That only took you six tries!”

"And two big clues," Martin added. His remark was again ignored.

"Oh, I’m sure I could do better!" Arthur said. "Give me another one - but don’t go in order!"

"Alright - W" Douglas obliged.

"Hmm - Weasel! Windows? Wallpaper?"

"Where are you getting these words from?" Martin asked.

"Arthur, it’s a drink."


"Close," Douglas nodded.

"W… whiskey?"

"Yes!" Douglas cheered.

"And look," Martin said gloomily, "That one only took you five tries."

"Ooh, so I am getting better! See, chaps, this is fun!"

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GAHHHHHHHH cuties y u do this Kenna y

because dey so cyoot das y

Honestly I’m a bit embarrassed that I can’t actually write them any better, and am stuck with writing this vague-y description-of-action-with-no-dialogue (is there a name for that kind of writing style?) type of fic, but as long as I can still write cuddles :3 (and to remedy this I can always just reread Homestuck again!)

Drabble-a-Day: Thousand

Fandom: Doctor Who

The TARDIS center console had been acting up again, leaving the pair of travelers drifting in space. And probably time, Chloe thought, because things were weird and worked like that and she wasn’t going to question it any more than she had to. The Doctor was trying to fix it, but there wasn’t really anything she could do to help, so she sat cross-legged on the console bench and watched.

"Is there anything I can do?" Chloe asked again, trying not to twiddle her thumbs. Usually when this happened - and this’d happened more than once - she could head outside to whatever planet they were stuck on and see the sights. That wasn’t such a good idea while drifting through the time vortex.

The Doctor looked up as if remembering she was there, and in doing so accidentally pulled too hard on some spindly lever, pulling it right out of the socket. “Er,” he said, looking down at the thing through a pair of goggles, then holding it out towards her. “Here, take this for a moment.”

Chloe chuckled and took it. She turned it over in her hands a few times before asking, “Are you even sure you know what you’re doing?”

"Of course," the Doctor said with a smile, "me and the old girl have been together for over 900 years." He patted the console, and a spark jumped on the other side. Grimacing, he hurried to fix it.

Chloe narrowed her eyes. ”What does that even mean?”

"What?" the Doctor asked, distracted.

“‘900 years’. What does that mean - 900 Earth years? 900 Galifrayen years? How would you even measure your own time, when you’re constantly jumping around through the time vortex?”

"It’s like…" he started to say, then was silent for a moment as he concentrated on the TARDIS console for another minute. The Doctor finally looked up at Chloe again. "Earth years - I always use Earth years when talking to humans. And the TARDIS keeps track of her relative time, for me."

"And could the TARDIS tell you exactly how old you are now?" Chloe asked, skeptically.

The Doctor glanced at the central column, which wasn’t moving. “Well, not at the moment. Besides, age isn’t important - why should anyone care about something like that? It’s not like that changes anything.”

"It kind of does. I mean, you’re technically an old man anyways, if I don’t know exactly how old. You could be 900 or you could be 1000 or you could be 10.000." Chloe was silent for a moment, watching the Time Lord fiddle with the instruments. He said nothing in response, avoiding her eyes.

"You don’t actually know, do you?" she asked. Before he could respond, the console sparked again and the lights reappeared, the TARDIS humming back to life.

"Aha, yes! See?" the Doctor shouted gleefully. He pointedly ignored her question, snatching the lever out of her hands to replace it on the console. "We’re good to go! Where should we head to next?"

Chloe rolled her eyes.

Drabble-a-Day: Restless

Fandom: Homestuck

Jake stared down at his computer screen from where it sat in his bedspread, rereading the green text over again.

GT: Hey jane guess what i found today!
GT: Jane?
GT: Youre away from the computer arent you?

There was still no response, of course. Jake started to type in another question, but thought better of it and deleted it.

No one was online. It was a rare occurrence, but it did happen, and sometimes Jake hated it. He glanced over at his poster-covered walls, hoping to think of something to do, but there was nothing. He was too tired from an earlier fight to want to venture outside again, and he wasn’t hungry enough to try to open a can for dinner.

A comical pile of his grandma’s arsenal sat across the room, and Jake stood up to idly poke through it. The authentic Tomb Raider Sexy Thighstrap Double Holster hung empty on a bedpost; Jake filled both holsters, then decided against putting it on. He glanced back at the laptop screen. Still no response.

Jake gave a dramatic sigh. There was plenty to do, really, but nothing that he wanted to do, because right now he wanted to get Jane’s opinion on something and she wasn’t online. There was no way to contact her. He bonked his head on a sci-fi movie poster out of frustration.

Again Jake went to the laptop, pulling up the Pesterchum client to see who was on. Jane was logged in, but away from the computer, and Roxy wasn’t there at all. Dirk seemed to be on, but he always was, and Jake knew that if he tried to send him a message, he’d just get the auto-responder. He didn’t really want to try out the auto-responder tonight.

Jake glanced up again and stared for a moment at the cookalizer, the last uranium-powered device to remain un-plundered. There wasn’t much he’d want to do about meals once that was gone, not that meals now were very great. He made a mental note to mention uranium in his next letter to Jade.

That wasn’t enough to distract him though; after a few minutes, Jake’s eyes slid back onto the computer screen. With another exasperated sigh, he let his head fall back on the bed, staring at the ceiling for a moment before reaching out and grabbing the nearest comic, flipping open to a random page.

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Do it!! I’ll remind you if you forget! :)

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So the consensus is yes (:D)

I’ll start tomorrow - well, I’ll probably write the first rough draft tonight, edit and post it tomorrow morning, and so on. Lindsey Bobbi will chew me out if I forget (You have to do it in character because that would be amazing!), and if anyone else wants to prod me on that would be wonderful.

Each drabble will be tagged “30 day challenge” unless I’m unfortunate enough to misspell that, and I can’t say for sure how many will be original works and how many fanfics (and then which fandoms I’ll use - I’m suddenly wondering how much more interesting it would be if I tried not to use the same fandom twice).